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Benefits and insurance programs
for domestic and global businesses.

Solutions - Execution Specialists

While every client is unique, the following are examples of how we have helped other clients:

  • Reduction in benefit spend through any combination of rate negotiation, self-insurance, captive financing, or stop-loss
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicative or unnecessary benefit provisions across multiple programs
  • Assist insurance carriers to develop and distribute new products
  • Maintain and preserve healthy and productive vendor relationships whenever possible
  • Reduce longevity risk in pension plans through traditional and alternative means
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce cost in any number of areas, such as:
    • Group Benefits
    • Voluntary Benefits
    • Expatriate Benefits
    • Pension Plans
    • Business Travel and Accident
    • Executive Benefits

Often times, our clients discover the right solution on their own, but need help with implementation. Here, our unique skillset as execution specialists will help you implement solutions in the most timely and economical way possible.